Tesco Click and Collect

Click and collect is a smart solution for both profit-seeking retailers and, most importantly, busy shoppers. Click and collect gives shoppers more control over how you want your item to be delivered as well as offer secure storage at your chosen location until you are ready to collect your order.


With Tesco click and collect, you can order for your groceries online and collect your order at any of the Tesco stores in the United Kingdom at a time that suits you. Tesco takes the stress out of shopping as well as mishandling of delivery with its Tesco click and collect option.

Benefits of Using the Tesco Click and Collect Option

  • It is convenient as you get to order and pick up your order when it suits you.
  • It saves cost on delivery.
  • It guarantees the safe handling of your groceries.
  • It saves you the stress of making your way to the store only to realize that the product you need is out of stock.

How to Use The Tesco Click and Collect Option

To use the Tesco click and collect option is relatively easy. All you need to do is follow these simple steps.

  • Sign in

Visit tesco.com to sign in into your Tesco account or use your Tesco grocery app.

  • Choose A Store and Time Slot

Presently, Tesco has about 3,961 stores in the United Kingdom. With Tesco click and collect option, you have the opportunity to pick any of these stores as your preferred point of collection.

Additionally, you will have the chance to pick a time slot that is convenient for you to pick up. Tesco offers a 2-hour click and collect slot.

  • Place Your Order Online

Add your preferred items in the basket and proceed to the checkout page.

  • Complete Your Order

After choosing your items, follow the rest of the checkout process to complete your order.

  • Email Confirmation

You will receive an Order Confirmation Email after completing your order. This mail signifies that your order is available and will be waiting for you in temperature-controlled storage. The aim is to deliver Click & Collect orders in relation to the chosen time slot.

  • Collect Your Order

To collect your order, you would need to go along with your confirmation email to your chosen Tesco store. It is important to note that your time slot will only be held for 2 hours, however, when this is nearly up, you will be notified to allow you to extend your slot by another 2 hours if needed.

Tips On Using the Tesco Click And Collect Option

  • You can change your click and collect slot as long as you do it no later than 11:45 pm on the night before your delivery.
  • You can also change your preferred click and collect store. However, changing your preferred click and collect store may mean that.
  • Your click and collect slot is no longer available.
  • Products in your basket may no longer be available.

To Wrap It Up

Tesco offers delivery and collection of groceriesand food-related products seven days a week as well as same-day collections. Buy your groceries using the Tesco click and collect option today for money saving plans as well as convenient collection slots.


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4 thoughts on “Tesco Click and Collect”

  1. Once again I am having extreme difficulty finding a slot to Tesco Click and
    Collect shopping whichever time of the day or night I try. After complaining 2 weeks ago I had a great conversation with someone who said to ‘try now’ and I found several slots available. Why cannot I find none now?

    I am really frustrated with the whole operation but unfortunately do not feel able yet to go shopping for myself as I am 70 and have asthma…….

  2. I am spending hours trying to order my shopping.Today I have tried to add to my order that I made yesterday .,but it has treated it as a separate order & tells my to find a slot which I already have which is Thursday 1pm-3pm Please help me to add these orders together.

  3. I would like to use Click and Collect at the superstore in Amersham, but because my new address doesn’t match my card I’ve been unable to do this online. Can you help please.
    new address is Treguth, Windsor Lane, Little Kingshill, Gt Missenden HP16 0DP.
    Thank you


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