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Next Stock Check

The Store Stock Checker service provides you with the convenience of shopping for items available in your local store. Once you have chosen the items you want to purchase, the service will reserve them for you, ensuring they are ready for collection at your convenience. You can collect your reserved items anytime thereafter, knowing that they have been set aside specifically for you. This allows for a seamless shopping experience and ensures the availability of the selected items when you arrive at the store.

How Does it Work

Next offers a convenient and free Store Stock Checker service. For those needing their items urgently, Next has you covered. You can reserve your orders in-store, and they’ll be ready for collection in under 1 hour.

Here’s how to use the service:

  1. Select and order your desired product(s) from the product catalog on, where you can also review their offers.
  2. Keep an eye out for the Store Stock Checker button on the product page. This indicates that the item is available in Next’s stores.
  3. Provide your location details by entering your postcode and selecting your nearest store. This will help you confirm the item’s availability in stock.
  4. While your order is being prepared (which takes less than an hour), you can put the kettle on and relax.
  5. You’ll receive a text notification when your order is ready. Simply bring the SMS and some identification when you go to collect your order in-store.

To Wrap it Up

Select your item online, click Store Stock Checker, enter your postcode, and select your nearest store. Place your order and they will send you a text message once your order is ready to collect. Find out more. Find a store near you.

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