Squires Click and Collect

Gardens not only give aesthetic look to our homes but they also have a positive impact on our environment. Garden centres are the modern stores that offer virtually any type of garden product. Squires is one such UK-based garden centre that offers a range of gardening products to its UK consumers.

It was established in 1936 by D.J. Squire and is still the family-owned business enterprise. Initially, Squires started as landscape gardening business but with time it has become one of the best known garden centers of the UK. In fact, it is one of the pioneer garden centers of the industry.  Squires offers a range of gardening products and its products include a wide range of gardening supplies, furniture, seeds, plants, bulbs, homeware, live animals, vegetables, flowers and other decorating plants, etc. Besides, Squires also offers training programs for both aspiring as well as professional gardeners. Because of its innovative approaches to gardening, Squires has won many accolades. At present, there are about 16 Squires Garden Centers across the UK.

Squires also offers a quick home delivery service within 5-7 miles of each garden center. Unfortunately, Squires doesn’t offer click and collect delivery slot.

How does Squires home delivery work

If you want to shop online from any of the Squires Garden Centers and get your goods from on your doorstep then you have to visit its website ‘https://www.squiresgardencentres.co.uk/#’ for placing an online order. After placing the order follow the following simple steps of home delivery slot for getting your products on your doorstep.

  • Select and Order Your Products

Visit https://www.squiresgardencentres.co.uk/# for placing your order. After landing on its product page, select your desired products and add them to your basket. Then proceed to the checkout page.

  • Choose Your Desired Home Delivery Slot

While completing the checkout process, you will need to choose the home delivery slot. Squires offers only one home delivery slot and they aim to deliver your products as soon as possible. If your order is less than 500 pounds then you have to pay 5 pounds as the delivery fee but if your order is more than 500 pounds then this delivery will be completely free.

Moreover, some of the products can’t be delivered to your home like live animals as you have to pick them up personally from the garden center. Each of the Squires garden center delivers in a radius of about 5-7 miles and you can check the availability of Squires home delivery service in your area by visiting their website.

What You Need to Know About Your Squires Home Delivery

  • Before delivering your order, Squires will send you a text message and an email. When you receive these confirmatory messages then you must be available at home.
  • Your order is expected to arrive on the same day subject to the availability of your goods in your nearest Squires Garden Center.
  • While receiving your order, you must have your order details and a photographic ID (passport or a valid driving license).

Benefits of Using Squires Home Delivery Service

Following are the benefits of using the Squires Home Delivery Service

  • Get your goods on your doorstep
  • Economical delivery
  • Hassle-free delivery
  • Pay for your order online

In Summary

In this digital age, consumers are seeking their comfort while doing shopping and Squires offers this comfort to their consumers via its economical and swift home delivery slot.

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