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Sometimes, it can be frustrating ordering for a product online and not getting your delivery on the stipulated date, or your product gets delivered to the wrong address. Well, you don’t have to go through that frustration anymore. With Screwfix click and collect, you can purchase your product and pick it up at a Screwfix store in the United Kingdom at your convenience.

Therefore, to purchase your tools, work wears, cables or pipe fittings online and pick your product at a Screwfix store closest to you. Then you need to visit to select the products you intend to purchase and chose the click and collect option and the point of checkout.

Why Should You Use the Screwfix Click and Collect Option?

Click and collect simply put is, you click to buy online and then collect it at the nearest store at your earliest convenience. Nowadays, you can search for and buy your favorite products in minutes without needing to set foot into the store. However, with Screwfix click and collect, you get to pick up your product at the closest Screwfix store when you are chanced.

Additionally, using the click and collect option on Screwfix online stores comes with several benefits, some of which are:

  • It offers safe contactless collections.
  • It allows you to collect your product at the store within a day or three days.
  • It offers you different options for collection fulfillment.
  • It allows you to control where you want to pick up your item(s)
  • It allows you to pick your order when it is convenient for you.

How Does Screwfix Click and Collect Work?

You can place your order by visiting or by downloading the Screwfix mobile app. To accurately use the Screwfix click and collect option, follow the following steps.

  • Pick Your Products for Purchase

Visit to add the product(s) you intend to buy to your cart. When you are done adding to the cart, you proceed to the checkout page.

  • Choose The Click and Collect Option

At the checkout page, you will have the option to choose a delivery method. It is at this point that you will choose the click and collect option to be able to pick your product at a Screwfix store close to you.

  • Select Your Pick Up Store

The click and collect option offers you the chance to select a store closest to you among the numerous Screwfix store in the nation for pick up. This allows you to pick up your product at a time that is convenient for you.

  • Confirmation SMS

After you have successfully placed your order on the Screwfix online store, you will receive a confirmation SMS. This message is needed during pick up as it contains your order reference used to identify your order in the store

Pick up

Screwfix owns about 682 stores in all of the United Kingdom, and you could choose to pick up your deliveries in any of these stores. Before going to pick up your delivery, it is important to wait for your confirmation SMS, which tells you that your order is ready for pick up. Hence, to avoid any inconveniences, do not arrive at any Screwfix store without your confirmation SMS.

Furthermore, it is important to know when Screwfix stores open nationwide to know when to go for your order pickup. All Screwfix stores in the United Kingdom open 8 am-5 pm on Mondays to Saturdays, except on Wednesday when the stores close at 4 pm to support “colleague Wellness Hour” and 9 am-4 pm on Sundays.

To Wrap It Up

Screwfix click and collect offers two choices as to when you can get your delivery. The Collect Today option is for items that are in stock at your preferred Screwfix Store. With this, your order will be available for pick up the same day you place your order while the Collect Next Day is for items that need to be sent from the warehouse to your chosen store ready for you to collect the next day.

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