Ryanair Cancellation Policy

Ryanair Cancellation Policy

Ryanair Cancellation Policy

Ryanair’s ticket cancellation policy is generally known for its non-refundable nature. However, there are certain scenarios in which you might be eligible for a full refund:

  1. Flight Cancellation by Ryanair: If Ryanair cancels your flight, you are entitled to receive a full refund of the ticket fare.
  2. Denied Boarding Due to Overbooking: If you are denied boarding due to overbooking, you may be eligible for a full refund.
  3. Serious Illness or Injury: In cases of serious illness or injury preventing you from traveling, you might be able to obtain a full refund upon providing relevant documentation.
  4. Death of Immediate Family Member: If a close family member passes away within 28 days of your flight, you could be entitled to a full refund.

Cancellation Fees

In situations other than those mentioned above, where you initiate the cancellation, Ryanair imposes cancellation fees that vary depending on the time remaining until the flight departure:

  • More than 28 days before departure: €10 cancellation fee.
  • Between 28 and 14 days before departure: €25 cancellation fee.
  • Between 14 and 7 days before departure: €40 cancellation fee.
  • Less than 7 days before departure: €60 cancellation fee.

Cancellation Process:

To cancel your flight, you have several options: online, by phone, or at the airport.

  • Online: Log in to your Ryanair account, go to “Manage Bookings,” and click on “Cancel Flight” next to the relevant booking.
  • Phone: Contact Ryanair’s customer service at +353 1 812 4342.
  • Airport: Visit the Ryanair check-in desk at the airport and speak to a customer service agent.

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Important Notes:

  1. You can only cancel a flight for yourself or someone on your booking; third-party cancellations are not allowed.
  2. Refunds generally do not cover additional services purchased, such as luggage or seat selection fees.
  3. If you cancel your flight and then rebook, you might need to pay a higher fare.
  4. Always check for the latest updates on Ryanair’s cancellation policy before booking.

Please note that policies might have changed. Always verify the current terms and conditions with the airline before making any decisions.