Royal Mail Postal and Services

Royal Mail is a UK-based postal service and courier company. It is one of the oldest business entities in the UK as it was established as a governmental enterprise in 1516 for postal services. Because of its long history of existence, Royal Mail has a widespread presence across the UK. Royal Mail owns and maintains the UK’s distinctive red pillar boxes, first introduced in 1852, many of which bear the initials of the reigning monarch

Royal Mail was a public service agency for most of its existence but in 2011, its shares were floated in London Stock Exchange, and in 2015, the UK government sold out all of its shares and hence ending its 499 years of state ownership.

Royal Mail offers a range of postal and courier services across the UK. Besides, it has contracts with several online and offline physical stores and thereby you can receive your online order via Royal Mail for nominal charges. In addition to home delivery, you can also send your return goods via this recorded mail service. Yes, Royal Mail is a recorded mail service and you can track your order, letter, or parcel in real-time by using this trackable postal and courier service.

Royal Mail not only offers its services for UK customers but also conducts international postal and courier operations.

UK-Based Services

Universal Service: According to Postal Services Act 2011, Royal Mail Service would maintain Universal service for the next ten years. With its Universal Service, letters and parcels can be delivered to any location within the UK for a fixed price.

Special Service: With Special Service, Royal Mail will deliver your parcel by 1 pm the same day or 9 pm the next day for increased charges. If you didn’t receive your parcel at the mentioned time then Royal Mail Service is bound to return your delivery charges.

Businesses Services: Royal Mail also operates a commercial mail sector known as business mail and it deals with postal and courier services vis-à-vis the corporate world.

Besides these standard services, Royal Mail has diversified its services by partnering with online and offline superstores and professional warehouses and now you can receive your online orders at your doorstep at nominal charges via this amazing trackable courier service.

In addition, you can also send your letters and parcels via varied means like through post box or parcel post box, through Royal Mail delivery office, through the post office, and via Royal Mail Parcel Collect service.

For availing of any of the above sending services, you have to purchase your label, then either print it and attach it to your item or access the QR code on your phone. After this, you have to either drop your item off in a postbox or parcel post box or take it to your nearest Royal Mail delivery office or a post office.

How does Parcel Collect Service Works

If you want the Royal Mail to receive your sending parcel from your doorstep then you can do it via their Parcel Collect Service. The Parcel Collect Service has the following easy steps.

  • First, buy postage with Click & Drop option at the website ‘’.
  • Then select the items you wish to send and input the recipient and sender details.
  • Then select the “Arrange collection” option.
  • You can then add the collection details, select the day of your collection and proceed to checkout as normal.
  • Print your label yourself at home and affix it to your parcel, ready for collection.


Benefits of Using Royal Mail Services

Following are the benefits of using Royal Mail Services.

  • Trackable service
  • Expedited delivery
  • Postal Insurance
  • Money-back guarantee in case of special deliveries
  • Convenience
  • Availability of international postal and courier services
  • Can receive your online orders at your doorstep
  • Parcel collection from your home
  • Can return your order/goods to the partnered superstores

Over to You

Royal Mail is one of the largest postal and courier services in the UK and you can benefit from its vast network of delivery and collection points in the UK. 

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