LIDL Click and Collect

lidl click and collect

How Does it Work:

If you want to view discounts and available items at LIDL, you have to visit its website ‘’. After choosing what to order, you will have to visit their stores.

  • Select and Order Your Product(s)

Visit for reviewing their offers. View your desired product(s) from the product catalog

  • Visit a Store to Purchase your Goods

LIDL does not offer any home deliveries or click and collect services, therefore, you need to visit their stores to buy any of their items

To Wrap it Up:

LIDL does not offer a click and collect service as of now, and you will need to visit their physical stores in order to purchase their items.

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2 thoughts on “LIDL Click and Collect”

  1. Disappointed that went out this morning in very poor weather to buy Black Friday deal on a laptop computer for £149.99. and found that Market Drayton did not have any in stock but was directed to the Whitchurch as they have a stock of them.
    Very dissatisfied I could have stopped at home rather get wet.
    Not impressed at all you advertise them but do not stock them in the Market Drayton Store

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