Ikea Breakfast Hours

Ikea Breakfast Hours

Opening Hours
 Closing Hours
Monday – Friday 09:30 am 11 am



09:00 am

10:00 am

11 am

11 am

Bank holiday 09:30 am

11 am

Ikea Breakfast Hours

To stay updated on their store and restaurant opening times, they recommend visiting the Store Locator on their website. Through the Store Locator, you can select your preferred store and navigate to the restaurant section. This will provide you with the most current and accurate information regarding the opening times of both their stores and restaurants.

How much does breakfast cost?

In Ikea’s restaurant, you can enjoy a variety of breakfast options. Please check the page of your favorite location for the current opening hours as they may vary per store.

Without the loyalty card, the breakfast will be priced at £2.50, which is still quite reasonable. This breakfast offer is valid in stores from Monday to Friday, specifically before 11 am. Therefore, if you have an early start planned for a day of Ikea shopping, you might consider skipping breakfast at home and taking advantage of their offer instead.

Please note that, in exceptional cases, breakfast may be available until 11 am.


Ikea offers a diverse breakfast menu at an affordable price. With or without a loyalty card, customers can enjoy a satisfying breakfast. The breakfast offer is available in Ikea stores from Monday to Friday, before 11 am. It provides a convenient option for customers who are planning an early start for a day of shopping at Ikea. By skipping breakfast at home and opting for Ikea’s breakfast, customers can fuel up their day with a delicious and cost-effective meal.

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