Evri Click and Collect

Evri click and collect

Evri Click and Collect

If you want to shop online from Evri and collect your goods from your nearby store then you have to visit its website Evri.com for placing an order. After placing the order follow the following simple steps of click & collect for collecting your merchandise physically from your desired store.

How Does it Work

Numerous retailers extend the convenience of delivering your items to a ParcelShop, including the presence of Evri ParcelShops as a viable choice during the online checkout process.

For added convenience, the option to have your purchases delivered to Lockers is also available. This proves especially beneficial if you anticipate not being available at your location during the delivery time or lack a secure spot or a reliable neighbor for the delivery.

Both of these alternatives offer flexibility and security, ensuring your items are delivered conveniently while catering to your unique circumstances.


If you’re shopping with Evri and won’t be available for home delivery, you can opt to collect your order from a nearby ParcelShop, which could be close to your workplace or another convenient location. During checkout, choose the Evri ParcelShop option, and then select the most suitable ParcelShop for you. This provides a practical way to ensure you receive your order conveniently, even when you’re not home for delivery.

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