Does Uber Eats Accept Zilch?

Does Uber Eats Accept Zilch?

Does Uber Eats Accept Zilch?

Zilch offers two payment options for Uber Eats transactions. Customers can either split the cost into four interest-free installments or earn 2% cashback by paying in full. At checkout, users can add their Zilch card to Apple Pay or Google Pay for seamless payments. Alternatively, they can use a virtual card number provided for each individual transaction, which requires opening the Zilch App before making the payment.

How Does it Work

To use Zilch with Uber Eats easily, customers can set up ‘Zilch Anywhere’ through the Zilch application, which creates a virtual card and stores it in the mobile wallet for use with Apple Pay or Google Pay. Otherwise, users need to open the app and load a virtual card for each Uber Eats transaction. Zilch can also be used with Just Eat following the same process.

By default, Zilch’s payment preference is set to “Pay in 1,” offering 2% cashback but without the option to split the cost. To split payments, users can go to the Settings screen in the Zilch App and choose “Apple Pay Default” or “Google Pay Default” (depending on their device) and set it to “Pay in 4.”

Customers should be aware that transactions processed through “Pay in 4” will be deducted from their Zilch Credit Limit, so they should ensure sufficient funds are available before checking out. If the credit limit is exceeded, the remaining amount will be charged to the linked debit card at checkout, a feature called “Zilch Boost,” which can be turned off if desired.

Once the setup is complete, Zilch can be used with Uber Eats through Apple Pay or Google Pay. To use Apple Pay or Google Pay, follow the standard order submission steps, select Zilch from the list of cards at the checkout screen, and complete the purchase. The first installment will be debited from the linked debit card immediately. In case of any issues with the payment, ensure sufficient funds are available and try again.

Alternatively, users can create a virtual card through the Zilch app. Select the merchant or enter the website domain, choose the desired payment option (either Pay in 1 for 2% cashback or Pay in 4), and a virtual card will be generated. When checking out on Uber Eats, use the virtual card number, expiry date, and security code provided by Zilch for the payment.

Please note that partnerships and payment methods can change over time, so it’s always best to check with the official Uber Eats website or app to see if they have added Zilch as an accepted payment option. Additionally, you can also check the Zilch website or app for any updates on their partnerships and supported platforms.

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