Does Primark Accept Zilch?

Does Primark Accept Zilch?

Does Primark Accept Zilch?

Zilch is a versatile payment option that can be used at various retailers, including Primark, as long as they accept MasterCard. For added convenience, you can utilize Zilch in physical stores by making payments through Apple Pay or Google Pay. The best part is that there are no extra charges when using Zilch for in-store purchases, and you won’t need to inform the cashier about your payment method. The process of using Zilch with Apple Pay or Google Pay is identical to paying with a regular debit or credit card using these mobile payment services.

How Does it Work

Step-by-Step Guide, Using Zilch at Primark with Apple Pay or Google Pay:

  • Set Up Zilch Anywhere

Firstly, you need to download the Zilch mobile application. In the app, there’s a feature called “Zilch Anywhere,” which allows you to create a virtual card stored in your Apple Pay or Google Pay.

  • Choosing Your Payment Option

By default, Zilch will set your payment option to “Pay in 1,” which means you can process the payment through Zilch and receive 2% cashback. However, this option doesn’t allow you to split the cost. If you want to split the cost into four equal payments, head into the app’s Settings screen and choose “Apple Pay Default” or “Google Pay Default,” and set it to “Pay in 4.”

  • Payment Deductions from Credit Limit

When you choose “Pay in 4,” all transactions will be deducted from your Zilch Credit Limit. Before making a purchase at Primark, make sure you have enough available credit on your Zilch account to cover the purchase. If you spend more than your available credit, the excess amount will be billed immediately, and your debit card on file will be charged for it. You can disable this feature called “Zilch Boost” if you don’t want this to happen.

  • Using Zilch at Primark

Once you’ve set up Zilch Anywhere, adjusted your default payment process to “Pay in 4,” and decided whether to keep “Zilch Boost” enabled or not, you can use Zilch to make purchases at Primark. Simply use your Apple Pay or Google Pay at the checkout counter, and the payment will be processed through Zilch according to the “Pay in 4” option you selected.

  • Sufficient Funds for the First Instalment

When making a purchase using Zilch, keep in mind that you need to have enough money on your debit card to cover the first instalment, which is 25% of the total purchase value. If you don’t have enough funds for the first instalment, the payment will be declined.

  • Set Up Fee (if applicable)

If Primark is not listed in the Zilch app, there might be a one-time £2.50 set-up fee to use Zilch at the store.

Please note that Zilch provides a convenient way to make purchases and split the cost into four equal payments, but it’s crucial to manage your Zilch Credit Limit and ensure you have enough funds available before making any purchase to avoid additional charges or declined payments.

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