Does Just Eat Accept Zilch?

Does Just Eat Accept Zilch?

Does Just Eat Accept Zilch?

Introducing Zilch in partnership with Just Eat, a revolutionary service that offers you unparalleled flexibility and rewards when making purchases. With Zilch, you can split any purchase into four interest-free installments, making budgeting easier and more manageable. But that’s not all – when you choose to pay in full, you’ll earn an impressive 2% cashback on your transactions!

The convenience of Zilch extends beyond Just Eat, as you can use it at any retailer that accepts MasterCard. Whether you’re shopping in-store with Apple Pay or Google Pay, or making online purchases, Zilch has got you covered. Even for online retailers that don’t support popular mobile payment services, you can generate a secure virtual card number through Zilch and complete your transactions effortlessly.

How Does it Work

To use Zilch with Just Eat using Apple Pay or Google Pay, follow these steps:

  1. Set up ‘Zilch Anywhere’ in the Zilch application to create a virtual card and store it in your mobile wallet.
  2. Optionally, set a default payment preference to Pay in 4 to split your payment into four interest-free installments.
  3. Transactions processed through Pay in 4 will count towards your Zilch Credit Limit, so ensure you have enough available credit before checking out.
  4. The Boost feature allows you to spend more than your available balance, but it can be turned off in the Settings screen if desired.

Once you have set up Zilch with Just Eat using Apple Pay or Google Pay, the process of placing an order becomes incredibly convenient. Simply follow the regular steps to submit an order as you would normally. At the checkout screen, select either Apple Pay or Google Pay, and from the list of available cards, choose Zilch. Complete the purchase, and the first installment of your order will be debited immediately from your linked debit card. Should the payment be declined, ensure you have sufficient funds to cover it and try again.

Alternatively, Zilch offers another option where you can create a virtual card directly through the Zilch application. By selecting the specific merchant or entering the website domain, you can then choose between two payment options: Pay in 1 for 2% cashback or Pay in 4, which allows you to split the cost into four interest-free installments. Once selected, the app will generate a virtual card with a unique long card number, expiry date, and security code. Simply use these virtual card details at the checkout page on Just Eat when you’re ready to complete your order.

With Zilch, paying for your Just Eat orders becomes a seamless experience, providing flexibility, security, and exciting cashback rewards for your purchases.

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