Does Asda Accept Zilch?

Does Asda Accept Zilch?

Does Asda Accept Zilch?

Zilch is now accepted at Asda, and it can be used as a convenient service allowing customers to divide their purchases into four interest-free installments. Additionally, users have the option to earn 2% cashback on transactions when paid in full. Zilch is not limited to Asda; it is accepted at any retailer that accepts MasterCard. Shoppers can utilize Zilch in physical stores by using Apple Pay or Google Pay, and for online purchases, a virtual card number can be generated and accessed through the Zilch application available on Android and iOS.

How Does it Work

Zilch makes shopping at Asda easy and flexible with two convenient options for payments:

  1. Using Zilch with Apple Pay or Google Pay in-store:
    • To begin, set up Zilch Anywhere in the Zilch mobile application.
    • By default, Zilch is set to “Pay in 1,” offering 2% cashback on transactions, but without the ability to split the cost.
    • To split your payments into four interest-free installments, go to the Settings screen and select Apple Pay Default or Google Pay Default (depending on your device), and set it to “Pay in 4.”
    • Ensure you have enough available credit in your Zilch account to cover the first installment, as any amount exceeding your credit limit will be billed at checkout.
    • Once set up, you can use Zilch at Asda with Apple Pay or Google Pay just like using a standard debit or credit card – tap and go!
  2. Using Zilch for online shopping at Asda:
    • Create a virtual card using the Zilch application.
    • Select Asda as the merchant or enter the website domain and choose your preferred payment option – “Pay in 1” or “Pay in 4.”
    • Zilch will provide you with a virtual card number, expiry date, and security code to use at the checkout page.
    • For “Pay in 1,” you can process the payment immediately. For “Pay in 4,” the cost will be divided into four interest-free installments.

Please note that to keep an eye on your Zilch Credit Limit and have sufficient funds available to cover your purchases. If you prefer, you can turn off the Zilch Boost feature, which automatically bills any amount exceeding your credit limit at checkout.

Using Zilch at Asda is fee-free, and you don’t need to inform the cashier about your payment method. Enjoy the convenience of Zilch, whether you’re shopping in-store with Apple Pay or Google Pay, or online using a virtual card.

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