Debenhams Closing Times

Debenhams is one of the most popular fashion retailers in the UK for its satisfying and economical merchandise. Debenhams is one of the oldest businesses in the UK as the company was established by William Debenhams in 1778. It has now around 178 physical stores across the UK, Denmark, and the Republic of Ireland. The company operates across three countries and is, therefore, a multinational business enterprise. The company was acquired by Boohoo in January 2021 and is now a subsidiary of Boohoo.

Debenhams Closing Times

Products of the British multinational retail company include

  • Clothing Products
  • Footwear
  • Accessories
  • Toys and Baby Products
  • Home and Furniture
  • Home Electricals
  • Gifts

Debenhams has more than 178 departmental stores in the three countries including the UK. In the UK, it operates more than 110 physical stores. With such a huge number of stores, it is likely that you will find a nearby Debenhams store. And if you are residing near any Debenhams store and want to shop from the store but are unsure of their operating times then here you will find Debenhams stores’ closing and opening timings. 

Debenhams Stores’ Closing Time

There are more than 110 Debenhams stores across the UK. Generally, it is almost impossible for all the stores to close at the same time but interestingly, almost all of the Debenhams stores close down at 05:00 PM on both working days and weekends.

Days Estimated Closing Timings
Monday to Friday 05:00 PM
Weekends 05:00 PM

Debenhams Stores’ Opening Time

Like their closing times, the opening times of the stores are the same but on Sunday, the stores open an hour later than their standard opening times. On normal working days and Saturdays, the stores open at about 10:00 AM. However, on Sundays, most of the stores open at nearly 11:00 AM.

Days Estimated Opening Timings
Monday to Saturday 10:00 AM
Sundays/Bank Holidays 11:00 AM

Debenhams Store Locator

You may likely find a small or large Debenhams store in your neighborhood. If you want to shop from your neighborhood Debenhams store but are still unsure about its closing or opening times then click on the link to find the required information including operating timings of your local Debenhams store.