Costco Click and Collect

Founded in 1976, Costco is a UK supermarket and grocery business enterprise with stores located all over the UK. It is a sort of wholesale stores where any Brit can shop at amazingly discounted rates. Like other UK-based supermarkets and grocery stores, Costco offer both deliveries though Instacart and a self pickup or ‘click and collect service.’ The ‘click & collect’ service is the online shopping experience where customers have to order groceries, head to the store and collect their goods on the same day. This click and collect service is available for majority of Costco online products except a few exceptions.

Unfortunately, any guest user can’t avail this click and collect service as only members are authorize to order online and then pick it up from their nearest collection location. Besides groceries, Costco also offers a range of other products. Its products include electronics and security goods, homeware, health and wellness, garden products, computers, wines, appliances, camping and sports goods, home improvement, automotive, and much more.

Costco Click and Collect

With the click and collect delivery option of Costco, your order can be ready for collection within two to three working days.

How does it Work

If you want to shop online from Costco and collect your goods from a nearby collection point then you have to visit its website ‘’ for placing an online order. After placing the order follow the following simple steps of click & collect delivery slot for collecting your goods physically from your desired collection point.

  • Select and Order Your Goods

Select your desired products. Then add them to your basket and proceed to the checkout page.

  • Choose Click and Collect

While completing the checkout process, you have to choose the click and collect delivery option. With this click and collect option, you will be able to collect your goods within two to three working days.

  • Choose Your Preferred Collection Location

After selecting the click and collect delivery options, you have to select your preferred collection location from a range of collection stores.

What You Need to Know About Picking Your Costco Click and Collect Order

  • Upon completing your online order, you will receive a confirmatory email containing information like your order number, order details, and collection location. You should keep this email safe as you would need it to pick up your order.
  • Your order is expected to arrive within two to three working days. But perishable groceries and other goods are available for collection on the same day.
  • Once your order is ready for collection, you will receive a notification telling you to come to pick up your order.
  • After receiving the notification, head to your chosen collection point to pick up your items, and remember to go along with your confirmation email.

Benefits of Using Costco Click and Collect Service

Following are the benefits of using Costco Click and Collect Service.

  • Convenient
  • Pay Online for your order
  • Collection from your desired location
  • Hassle-free

To Wrap it Up

The click and collect service of Costco is an amazing service that is facilitating its UK customers and therefore the wholesale supermarket has quickly expanding across the country.

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