CeX Stock Check

CeX Stock Check

CeX Stock Check

Once you wish to buy an item and it’s not in stock, the Store Stock Checker service helps you check the availability of a product in your local store. When you’ve selected your items, they will reserve them so that they are ready for you to collect anytime thereafter.

How Does it Work

If you’re interested in purchasing a product but are uncertain about its availability, simply enter the product name into the search bar. This action will display the relevant details. To identify stores with the item, select the product and input your town or postcode into the ‘Check stock in the store search bar. This will provide you with a list of stores that have the item in stock.

In order to maintain appropriate demand and supply, as well as to ensure balanced price fluctuations and sufficient stock availability for the benefit of all customers, CeX reserves the right to limit the number of specific items sold to individual customers at any given time.

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To Wrap it Up

Your nearest CeX store can be found using their Store Locator page. Please click HERE and enter your postcode.

If you are searching using a mobile device then you can tap the “Use your current location” button instead.

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