Can I Use Zilch For Petrol In The UK?

Can I Use Zilch For Petrol In The UK

Can I Use Zilch For Petrol in The UK?

Zilch can be conveniently used at numerous retailers, including popular petrol stations such as BP, Esso, and Shell, among others. Making a purchase is hassle-free, as you can utilize Zilch in-store with ease through convenient payment methods like Apple Pay or Google Pay. The best part is, there are no extra fees when using Zilch at retail stores, and there’s no need to inform the cashier about your payment method. It’s as simple and straightforward as using a regular debit or credit card with either of these mobile payment services.

How Does it Work

To make petrol purchases using Zilch, start by setting up Zilch Anywhere within the mobile app. This creates a virtual card stored in either Apple Pay or Google Pay. By default, Zilch offers “Pay in 1,” allowing customers to process payments through the service and receive 2% cashback. However, if you prefer cost splitting, you can switch to “Pay in 4” by navigating to the Settings screen and selecting “Apple Pay Default” or “Google Pay Default.”

Keep in mind that all transactions made with “Pay in 4” will be deducted from your Zilch Credit Limit, so it’s crucial to have sufficient funds available before making a purchase. If the transaction exceeds your credit limit, the excess amount will be immediately billed at checkout. If desired, you can toggle off the Zilch Boost feature based on your preference.

Once you’ve set up Zilch Anywhere and adjusted your preferred payment process and Zilch Boost settings, you can seamlessly use Zilch to pay for petrol using Apple Pay or Google Pay. Just ensure that you have enough funds on your linked debit card to cover the first installment, which is 25% of the total loan value, to avoid any declined transactions.  Additionally, please be aware that for petrol stations not listed in the Zilch app, there will be a one-time £2.50 setup fee.

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