British Airways Cancellation Policy

British Airways Cancellation Policy

British Airways Cancellation Policy

British Airways has a diverse cancellation policy, contingent on your ticket type and the timeframe before your flight:

Standard Tickets:

  • More than 28 days prior to travel: Full refund.
  • Within 28 days of travel: No refund.
  • Free flight changes up to 28 days before departure.

Flexible Tickets:

  • Refunds are available for cancellations at any time.
  • No fees for changing your flight.

Low-Cost Tickets:

  • No refunds or changes are permitted.


  • 24-Hour Cancellation Policy:
    • You can cancel and get a full refund within 24 hours of booking if travel is at least one week away from the original date.

Please note that to cancel, use Manage My Booking online or contact British Airways customer service.

Consider these points:

  • Excluded Circumstances:
    • No refund for cancellations due to strikes or uncontrollable factors.
  • Cancellation Fee within 24 Hours:
    • If canceled within 24 hours of travel, a fee may apply.
    • The fee amount varies based on ticket type.

For precise details, refer to British Airways’ official policies or get in touch with their customer service.

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British Airways’ cancellation policy varies based on ticket type and proximity to the travel date. Standard tickets offer full refunds if canceled over 28 days before travel, while flexible tickets allow cancellations and changes without fees. Low-cost tickets have no refund or change options. A 24-hour cancellation window provides full refunds for bookings made a week or more ahead of travel. Exceptions include no refunds for uncontrollable circumstances and potential cancellation fees within 24 hours of departure. For accurate details, consult British Airways‘ official guidelines or reach out to customer service.