ASDA Click and Collect


How Does it Work:

If you want to shop online from Asda and collect your goods from your nearby store then you have to visit its website for placing an order. After placing the order follow the following simple steps of click & collect for collecting your merchandise physically from your desired store.

  • Select and Order Your Product(s)

Visit  for reviewing their offers. View your desired product(s) from the product catalog.

  • Choose Click and Collect

Click & Collect is free and orders typically operate on a next day service, some collection locations may differ from this. your first available collection day will be shown at checkout.

  • Select click and collect during checkout
  • Please wait until you receive your ready to collect message before setting off to collect your order
  • You or someone else collecting for you, only need your order number to collect your order.

Please note that you have 10 days to collect your order. If it’s not collected within this time, they will process a refund.

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To Wrap it Up:

ASDA offers a range of collection types at their stores and also tells you what is available in your area when you are booking a collection. Additionally, after placing your order, you will be sent collection instructions to help you know exactly where to go when you arrive at the collection point. Thank you for being an ASDA customer.

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3 thoughts on “ASDA Click and Collect”

  1. Asda click and collect needs improvement for the following reasons. It is not possible to collect the order until the person in front has finished emptying their order from the lockers. This means that one gets wet waiting in line should it be raining. It is no good waiting in the car because another person who does not mind getting wet will take the place of the person in their car. Secondly, the cold items are in a ground level locker, and older folk like me who cannot bend to reach the back of the locker need to literally get on their knees to get to the back, then need to struggle to get up again. This is a click and collect which I no longer use, Morrisons bring my shopping to my car, much more civilised!! I wrote to Asda about needing to get on my knees and all I got in reply was basically “sorry to hear about that “

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